Milan, a city for which its easy to fall in love for, dynamic, fascinating, the financial heart of Italy and fashion. When we are on holiday and are asked where we are from, the first thing they say is wow!... this makes me proud to live in such a respected and beautiful city. Our city offers many opportunities for work and fun, in recent years it has grown to be a tourist destination of excellence. who leaves comes back and who comes for work doesn't want to leave. Services work great, full of entertainment, there are a thousand reasons to love Milan! The culture, the Po Valley ... you can stroll around the city for hours without ever getting bored !!! there is not only the Duomo there are many churches to visit, which are pure jewels ... below a selection of places not to be missed that I recommend to my guests when they ask me where to go  ...

To get around the city in comfort::

  • Public transport: ATM
  • Taxi: tel 02/6969 ; 02/8585 ; 02/4040 (diverse compagnie)
  • Luggage storage: Stazione Centrale - piano terra
  • Luggage storage : Stowyourbags - vicino alla stazione centrale di Milano
  • Luggage storage : BAGBNB

Writing everything is impossible, I recommend the unmissable here

If you use the service extra "co-construction itineraries" you will find many more locations that can be visited and booked

During your stay in the Milanese apartment you will find a selection of brochures and tourist information


Duomo of Milan

what to say, a visit is a must and if you want to do a bit of step (even taking the elevator a few steps there) you can climb the wonderful terrace and admire the city from above

Basilica Santa Maria delle Grazie

Next to the cenacolo Vinciano, a Milanese jewel from 1497

Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio

Patron of Milan, beautiful basilica to visit, inspiration for artists thanks to its magnificent perspective, remember that on 7 December the Milanese make the bridge of Sant'Ambrogio so unmissable fair of obei obei and craft fair!

Chiesa di San Maurizio

A real jewel, Willy and I are particularly attached to this church, in memory of our aunt Maria Pia we want to remember her for having donated and participated in the restoration of some works in this fantastic church

Basilica San Lorenzo

in the heart of the Milanese nightlife, in front of the most popular local places of the city this splendid Basilica deserves a nice visit

Chiesa Santa Maria presso San Satiro

It looks great and deep but ... go see, you will be amazed


Castello Sforzesco

Defensive fortress, residence, military barracks, home to museums and cultural institutions, different and complex were the changes that over the centuries have changed the Castello Sforzesco, among the most representative and popular monuments of Milan. Do not miss the visit to the battlements or the secret street of the Ghirlanda (available at certain times of the year and by reservation only)

Piazza dei mercanti

center of the Milanese life for commerce, justice and arbitration: in the loggia the notary was found for contracts and donations, merchants to exchange goods and also stopped many carts for retail sale. It is also said that in place of the well there was first the 'stone of the bankrupt', an angular boulder on which they were made to sit but uncovered those who cheated or went bankrupt before the sentence.

palazzo Reale

For many centuries it was the seat of the government of the city of Milan, of the Kingdom of Lombardy-Veneto and then royal residence until 1919, when it was acquired at the state property becoming a venue for exhibitions and exhibitions.

Arco della pace

It was the first of the new five new doors of Milan, built along the Spanish ramparts, demolished today and built in the large square behind the Piazza d'Armi of the Castello Sforzesco as a triumphal entrance to the city from France.

pinacoteca di Brera

It is a national gallery of ancient and modern art, located in the homonymous palace, one of the largest complexes in Milan with over 24000 square meters of surface

Teatro alla Scala

Main Milanese Opera Theater, I highly recommend the Christmas concert, we go there every year and it's amazing.


In the quadrilateral of Milanese fashion, I show you the main and most expensive shopping streets! Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della spiga, Corso Venezia

Behind the Duomo we find Corso Vittorio Emanuele while in front of Via Torino, here we find big brands cheaper than the quadrilateral of fashion if we go to Porta Venezia another place to shop is definitely Corso Buenos Aires

Starting from Piazzale Baracca crosses all Corso Vercelli, my favorite place for shopping and place to be, it will be easy to meet small children who speak English together with their foreign nannies, one of the most beautiful and quiet areas of Milan in my opinion, follow Via Belfiore, Wagner to get to Via Marghera, I call it the way of ice cream! Live romantic dinners in one of the restaurants in via Raffaello Sanzio


Last opening in the heart of Milan, inserted in the context of City Life between the two skyscrapers (which will soon be 3) excellent for a walk through shops or for a movie night

I saw him born and I still remember the mornings in full traffic in front of the old Alfa Romeo, now one of the most beautiful shopping centers I know, here you can find everything, inside a mega playground for children of all ages, simply fantastic, a little out of town but it is definitely worth visiting

Milan is a city full of shopping centers, even outside the city you can find great, ask me info, it will be my concern to tell you how to get there!


you will not believe it but Milan is a city full of green surprises, I present you my favorite parks!

Parco Sempione.

In any season has a special charm, access from the arch of peace, for the little ones here you will find the largest outdoor playground in the city with castles swings and more, it will be easy to cross because Alice and I are often there and also access from the Castello Sforzesco

Villa Litta Lainate

Judged as the most beautiful park in Italy in 2016, it deserves to be visited is nothing short of amazing

Giardini Indro Montanelli Palestro

Behind the museum of natural history, walking in these gardens seems to go back in time, have a vintage that I personally love, for children the ride with the train is very nice

Parco di trenno

an oasis of peace, in the week an ideal place to jogging in the middle of the green and on the weekend a meeting place for families

Wood in the city

if you do not live "after the stadium towards via novara" you do not know it! teens and big barbecues have been made for years in this place and I have also put on elbow more than 10 years ago playing on the lawn.

Needless to say, it is a perfect place to spend a Sunday in the company of friends, from 2018 you need to book the porch with table and grill


I do not go there often because it is really far from where I live but for many it is considered the sea of ​​Milan ... amusing the amusement park in the evening and the summer clubs around


There are so many museums that the city offers and depending on the passions can range from history to contemporary art, you can even see dinosaur skeletons and stars, not to mention the Muba where children explore the world with materials and colors.

For this reason I do not include all the images of the museums and even the shopping list, in the Milan apartment you will find brochures of over 50 museums with timetables and costs, for any info or question before the stay write me! a small reminder only for the cenacolo Vinciano, the dates and availability are limited so reservations are required either by phone or online

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